If you are one of those webmasters who are relying on the search engine to sort out what to share in the snippets of SERPs, you are possibly missing out on a big opportunity of attracting organic traffic to your website. If you are not sure about how to go about it, then feel free to get in touch with a digital marketing company; they hire professionals to take care of all the issues regarding SERPs.

Following are a few strategies that can be used when thinking of how to stand out in Google search results. However, none of them can be regarded as a fool-proof strategy that can guarantee you that search users will be clicking on your site URL over another, but they are all worth practicing for boosting your potential CTR or click-through-rate.

Unique Page Titles 

Your page title should be absolutely unique. This is an aspect where no compromise is entertained. Besides, you need to include the keywords as close to the beginning as possible; you may also localize your page, if it is applicable.

Your title should be within 50 to 65 characters. Why? Because Google anyway shortens it around a mark of 65 characters.

An important thing that you need to consider is the pixel width. Wide letters such as W and A often do not fit in too many characters, and anything beyond a mark of 70 characters is totally ignored by Google, and may get you a ‘Long title tag’ error in Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Authorship

Google’s new authorship rules can be very helpful for generating enhanced SERPs snippets.

The authorship tools of the search engine allows you to send more information about your site’s content to the indexing robots of Google. After this, whenever pages show up in the SERPs, the search engine ties the information back to the data of authorship, simultaneously adding images and other extra data to your search listings.

If you need specific information on how to establish Google authorship you can contact the digital marketing company you have hired or visit the Google+ page on the subject. However, here’s a basic overview:

  • Get yourself a profile made on G+
  • Add a profile image of yours
  • Include a byline to all your site articles that contain the same name as your G+ account
  • Link your G+ account with your site content using email verification or directly link your content to your G+ profile

The process generally does not not take longer than an hour to complete, but the impact that it has on the performance of your site in organic ranking should be more than enough to make up for the extra effort that you have put in for setting up Google authorship.

Google Reviews

Google reviews is a great way to enhance your local search. Hence, make sure you ask your clients and customers to kindly submit a review. In fact, make it a part of your process of work. You cannot expect all of them to take out time to write a review. However, even if 10 % of them do, you can still benefit from it. The golden stars after all shine brilliantly in the SERPs.

Service industries often have the luxury of choosing the ones they want to a review from. But, industries like hotels and restaurants have to adopt a different approach. They have to keep a close eye on the reviews and make a sincere effort at addressing the grievances of the unhappy customers with the hope of turning those poor reviews into good ones.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

It is a bonus if your targeted keywords are there in your domain name, however, do not buy an exact match domain name as you can get caught in the ‘exact match domain algorithm’. Make use of search engine friendly permalink structures and file names to make a more relevant listing.

Google Local

It does not matter if your business is a big or a small one, optimizing the site for Local be very beneficial.

Claiming the listings of your business and completely filling out your profile helps Google understand your business better. Businesses that have more citations from quality sites rank better. By making the search engine understand the link between your site and business listings, you are increasing the chances of the map listing to be shown just below your search rank.

To wrap it up, it can be said you shouldn’t be satisfied with a Google listing that does not highlight you against your competition. Implementing the tips mentioned above can ensure that you are right on your way to an optimized search rank. Hire a good digital marketing company to take care of issues regarding search results. You will surely not regret hiring them.

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